Shipping Policy

All products are shipped within 3 to 10 business days for processing time. In order to provide free shipping, your order will arrive within 10 to 45 business days from the day it ships. If for any unforseen circumstances where there is a problem with carrier that may extend this time, we will notify you immediately.


You will be provided a tracking number once the order has been sent to carrier. On your order status page when tracking, your order will display "Order Ready" when it is with the carrier. At that time, we can no longer cancel an order.
We have several warehouses in California, Massachusetts, United Kingdom, Pennsylvania, and China. We cannot confirm where it will it ship from until it ships out automatically and assigned a shipping number from carrier. Once the carrier assigns tracking number, it could take up 72 hours on the carrier's website to update. 
Please keep in mind that your order may be passed off to another carrier which will delay updates in their system. In rare circumstances when this happens, you may receive your order before expected. 
We cannot file a dispute with the carrier until 30 days have passed therefore, we cannot cancel an order that has been assigned a tracking number and departed our warehouse (after shipping confirmation notification). 
By agreeing to these terms and continue to checkout, you agree to wait at least 60 days from the date shipping notification was received by us to dispute credit card charges. If you choose to dispute after order is in transit and/or under 60 days, you understand an investigation will be initiated against you for attempting to receive products and canceling payment and terms you agreed to here. If you, as the consumer, stop payment or file a credit card dispute resulting in non payment, we reserve the right to report to collections and could result in a serious negative derogatory mark on your credit score if not paid. By accepting our legal terms and conditions outlined at checkout during placing the order, you agree to a $15 one time charge when the issuing bank decides in our favor with our supporting evidence provided as well as the legal terms.
We provide the Buyer Protection Program so our customers never lose any funds for non delivery. This program is in place for the peace of mind of our customers. 
If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to us at any time on the contact us form on the home page to assist you with tracking. 
Damage Shipping Insurance
By purchasing damage shipping insurance for selected item, you are purchasing per item, not order. 
This protection guarantees a replacement sent free of charge or any additional fees. The only requirement from our customer is to provide detailed images of the damaged product via email to within 3 days of delivered date to shipping address provided. 
Buyer Protection Program (Currently not active due to COVID 19)
Our protection still remains in effect if item is not received within 120 days. 
Worrying about payment for an undelivered product should never be a worry for our customers.
If your order is not received within 120 days of shipment, a full refund will be issue regardless when the product is delivered with accordance to our Buyer Protection Program. Only exception would be listed below:
  • Natural Disasters which delayed shipment 
  • Customer was informed via email the shipment is delayed due to carrier notification 
  • If there is a set expected delivery date on carrier website (this is confirmation it is on the way) 
  • Again, we stress we will never let our customers pay for products they did not receive.